Lester Maddox was one of the most controversial and interesting characters in American history.

To some people, Lester Maddox was considered one of the most dangerous men in the history of the United States.

Lester Maddox was many things to many people.

Lester Maddox was a Blues Singer.

Lester Maddox was a funny man.

Lester Maddox was the biggest Racist in America.  Was he or wasn't he?

Lester Maddox was a small business man who didn't like someone telling him how to run his business.  He especially did not like the government telling him what to do.

Lester Maddox was an owner of a restaurant that served fried chicken.

Lester Maddox was the 75th Governor of Georgia.

Lester Maddox ran for President.

Lester Maddox fought for the civil rights of small business owners.  Was he a hero?

Lester Maddox polorized an entire nation with his ideas and a catalyst for change.

Some people say we never would have had Jimmy Carter if it weren't for Lester Maddox.

Some people remember Lester Maddox for his pick handles.

Some people get sick to the stomach at the thought of Lester Maddox.

Some people get real mad when they hear we are making a movie about Lester Maddox.

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